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The Dawn Project Prizegiving Day Webinar

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The Event

The Dawn Project Webinar is Nigeria’s Largest Environmental Event and it held on the 26th September, 2020. We had over 770 people on the zoom call and 70 other people at the event venue which was at The Freedom Park, Lagos Island.

“The world is on the edge of an Existential Crisis. One that could consume us and our generations to come” Dr. Pamela Ajayi.

She introduces the webinar as providing solutions:  ways to reduce damage done to the world by pollution, reducing the impact of climate change and ultimately preventing our extinction.

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Her Excellency, Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo (Wife of the Vice-President, Federal Republic of Nigeria) graced the webinar and gave a speech from her heart, saying She Cares!!!


“Yes I care, yes we care. And this is not just an answer but a drive to find solutions. Not just solutions but a plan of action that is powered by those who care.

Yes, we care about our green. Green, White, Green, Our Nigeria.

We care about our Vegetations, we care about our Trees; the common ones, the rare ones and the ones almost in Extinction. Does anyone care? Yes, we care!!!”

She made it clear that it was time to Repair, Restore and Redirect.

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The British Deputy Commissioner to Nigeria, HE Ben Llewelyn-Jones OBE spoke about his intense care for the future of our planet and of course the climate change. He also outlined the importance of Climate Equity and the involvement of The UK in providing technical support to the Federal Government of Nigeria in accessing more finance in battling climate change and Pollution.

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The Commissioner for Health- Lagos State, Prof. Akin Abayomi spoke on the Lagos State ‘One Health Paradigm’ Agenda. The ‘One Health Paradigm’ is a WHO philosophy. It is a Holistic Approach to Health and it states that: “Human Health is totally dependent on the Environment we live in.”

“You are only as healthy as your Environment.” Prof. Akin Abayomi “Nature gives free gifts but we are not free to destroy Nature.” He said Lagos State has a Green Agenda and the Civil Society is aggressively championing the Paradigm of Environment integrity and protection.

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We had a great Panel session with HE, Mrs. Ajoke Murtala- Mohammed, Dr. Dolapo Fasawe, Mr. Tosin Odunfa, Mrs. Bilkiss Adebiyi-Abiola and Mr. Desmond Majekodunmi.

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The poem, “A Plea” written by Dr. Pamela Ajayi in 2005 was choreographed and interpreted by SPAN.

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The event ended with a closing Remark from Mrs. Angela Emuwa, the Chairman of Punch Newspapers.

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She encouraged everyone to join the Tree for Life Initiative by getting one of the available 250 Trees for free. These trees can be planted in your garden, farm or anywhere else you deem fit. Each tree planted helps sustain life on Earth. Get a tree using the link below:

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